Mission Statement

At Zorrel, our commitment to style, comfort and innovation drives all aspects of our business. When combined with our state-of-the-art technology, this commitment guarantees that you perform your best in all conditions and environments.

Apparel from Zorrel is designed to look and feel great, whether it’s worn biking down a mountain trail, rafting through whitewater, playing a round of golf or simply shopping for groceries. Our garments are stylish enough to wear to a business meeting or an evening out on the town. You will always look your best. That’s why we call it performance wear for anywhere.


Corporate Responsibility

Enlightened consumerism - doing business with those who do good - is a growing value to the progressive mainstream consumer, so there is something else you should know about Zorrel.

We take our environmental, ethical, and labor standards seriously. Each of our factories adheres to the strictest standards in dyeing and manufacturing in order to protect local environments and waterways. Employees and partners are treated fairly and ethically, and we pay our employees a living wage.

The way we see it, it’s just good business.