High Tech Togs

OMNi Apparel Inc.’s Zorrel brand has positioned itself perfectly for the athleisure trend, with its spot-on tagline, “Performance wear for anywhere!” Its innovative SmartBlenz™ fabrics have helped the manufacturer’s products become a top choice for companies wanting promotional apparel that goes the extra mile.

Z101 Tee webThe Z100 Dri Balance™ Tee was the company’s first product in 2005 and offered “performance before performance was ‘cool’,” says OMNi Apparel Inc.’s Business Development Manager Craig Wallace. With 100-percent moisture-wicking polyester against the skin and naturally anti-microbial 100-percent combed cotton on the fabric’s surface, the fabric is engineered with an elaborate knit structure to provide UPF 30+ sun protection and optimize the moisture transport dispersion in the cotton layer, allowing air to move inward to cool the wearer. It’s a workhorse, which is why major airlines outfit baggage handlers in the shirts and disaster relief organizations use the same shirt with Insect Shield® to keep aid workers comfortable and protected from insects.

While the Z100 is still popular, the athleisure trend influenced the next generation of the shirt. “These days everyone offers 100-percent polyester t-shirts. They’ve become like the cotton t-shirt. But not everyone wants to wear polyester,” says Wallace. “Now I’m seeing that people want something different. They want lightweight with the warmth and feel of cotton but with all the performance aspects of polyester. They want to be able to go to a picnic and throw the football around, or go sit at the ballgame and not be soaked in their heavy cotton t-shirt.”

Enter Zorrel’s Z101 Light Weight Dri-Balance Tee, a 4.7-ounce happy marriage of comfort and performance with a more fitted style and a stretch microfiber yarn, perfect for that dad at the ballgame who wants to feel cool, comfortable and fashionable.


“What are today’s distributors asking for most and how is your company responding?”

Convenience. Today, many distributors are no longer working the traditional eight-to-five job. Add to that the
numbers of distributors working from their homes at all hours of the day and then those who work in the structure of
an office setting, but perhaps don’t have the staff to take care of the small details of order production and tracking.
Together they’re all looking for convenience.

OMNi Apparel offers a solution to distributors in the form of a one-stop solution. Our brand collection in Zorrel
provides men’s and women’s performance apparel—outfitting workers from the workplace or warehouse to the yoga
studio or gym. Within our distribution facility, we offer several various decoration methods with low minimums,
quick turnaround times and competitive pricing. Further, we are able to seamlessly service our distributors customers
who have offices in the U.S. and Canada, all from a single distribution and decoration location. Finally, we offer a free freight program shipping to the U.S. and/or Canada.

As a one-purchase-order/one-invoice solution, we help the distributor tearn more and move on to the next project instead of issuing multiple P.O.s, matching multiple invoices, chasing spoilage and losing money on fees, which creep into the process of the traditional industry model.