Simple Talk About Syntrel™ Microfiber polyester  

Microfiber (or Microfibre) is a polyester filament with a strand thickness less than one denier – or about 1/100th the thickness of a human hair. Microfiber yarn is produced by spinning varying amounts of these fine filaments to form a single yarn.

Microfiber has existed in nature since the silk worm spun its first cocoon. Man was successful in producing the first microfiber polyester in 1986. Since then, sales of garments made of microfiber knits or wovens have grown faster any other fabrics.

Syntrel™ is Zorrel’s exclusive   microfiber knit fabric and offers the following features: 

·        Light weight

·        Smooth silky hand and drape

·        Wrinkle free

·        Easy care

·        Natural Stretch

·        Extreme Moisture transport capability (see below)

·        Natural insulating qualities

Moisture Transport Capabilities of Syntrel™

Many people believe that moisture transports through a fabric – like a cotton ball absorbing water. While cotton absorbs moisture in the molecular structure of the yarn, microfiber does not absorb moisture. It moves moisture through the knit structure by capillary action, pulling it from the skin and dispersing it on the surface where air will evaporate it.

The ability to move moisture quickly and in great quantity without absorption makes microfiber the perfect fabric for sports and extreme work situations. A long distance runner will perspire more than one liter (quart) of moisture every twenty minutes in a marathon. Microfibers effectively transport this moisture away from the skin keeping the wearer cooler and drier. If the same athlete were wearing pure cotton it would be both wet and heavy from the absorbed moisture, and stay that way for a much longer period of time.

Technical fabrics like Syntrel™ are moving from the gym, golf course and track to the street and workplace. People are demanding the technical capabilities of microfiber in hot outdoor working conditions, in steamy factories or just for every day wear in any climate.