How good is your Tech tee?


Over the years as tech has become all the rage, that question has been asked without anyone’s ability to answer it.  Until now… Introducing Moisture Management Textiles (MMT) Ratings to identify the level of performance and moisture management.

The American Association of Textile Chemists and Colorists, known as the AATCC, is “internationally recognized for its standard methods of testing fibers and fabrics to measure and evaluate such performance characteristics as colorfastness, appearance, soil release, dimensional change and water resistance.”  And now AATCC is further recognized for its evaluation of moisture management properties in fabrics.

The testing standard AATCC 195 is a test method for “Liquid Moisture Management Properties of Textile Fabrics”, and “produces objective measurements of liquid moisture management properties of Knitted” fabrics.  The method is made up of several different tests and algebraic equations (the kind we all forgot after high school.)  However, in an effort to quantify the test into a meaningful indicator of a Moisture Management Textile, Zorrel has identified a MMT Ratings based upon two indicators from this test.

  1. The fabric tested must result in the conclusion of either, “This is a Moisture Management Fabric” or “This is a Fast Absorbing & Quick Drying Fabric.”
  2. The result of the One Way Through (OWT) Index calculation must be a positive number, which then becomes the garment’s MMT Rating.


For example, Zorrel’s fabric of the Z3503 & Z6503 has a (OWT) index rating of 333 and thus receives a MMT300+ rating on a scale of 1 (modest) to 1800 (exceptional).

So, look for that MMT Rating.  When Zorrel indicates a MMT rating on our apparel, you can be assured that you are buying a tested and validated performance shirt.